Painting & Drawing

Our artists work with oils, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, pastels, and inks on paper, canvas or metal. Both drawing and painting is an artistic visual practice on a two-dimensional surface. The difference between drawing and painting consists of the selected medium and surface. Drawing is predominately practiced with dry media such as pencil, charcoal, or chalk on a paper surface and painting implements wet media such as acrylic paint or oil paint on canvas, wood, or a copper surface.

Our Artists:

  • Dawn Andrews
  • Petar Barbaros
  • Anita Chateau
  • Gene Clement
  • Joanna Collier
  • Bob Cox
  • Peter Enyeart
  • Leticia Fagg
  • Robert Gerdes
  • Don Johnson
  • Katarzyna Lappin
  • Michelle Lubin
  • Shelby Marzoni
  • Carole McAlpine
  • Eduardo Orozco
  • Elsa Orozco
  • Patricia Palenschat
  • Omar Quintero
  • Allen Randall
  • Dina Randall
  • Virginia Sywyj
  • Karina Velasco
  • Alice Vigil
  • Bonnie Wright-Crockett