Dawn Andrews

I am a Chula Vista resident and have been since 1992. Prior to that I was born, raised, married and raised my own family in Northern Illinois (Chicago area).

Encouraged and inspired by my Mom who  was an artist, I have been interested in the arts since high school;  drawing, painting and sculpting.

My art paused along the way while I raised my family.  I re-found my love for drawing, oil painting and now acrylic painting once we moved to the West Coast.

After taking college courses and then studying at different art studios I have finally found my niche in acrylic painting.  I discovered a love for exploring a variety of art styles and mediums, and various aspects of how to paint. Learning to pour house paint and create without using brushes, that was fun!!

My works of art can be seen in various art shows and galleries around the county. My paintings are in Russia, Canada, Mexico and across the United States.

Mykonos Magic by Dawn Andrews
April in France by Dawn Andrews
April in France by Dawn Andrews
Russian Countryside by Dawn Andrews
White River Retreat by Dawn Andrews

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