Ruthi Enyeart

Ruthi Enyeart

My love of art began during a college course at U.C. Irvine on Art Appreciation. Shortly thereafter, I was fortunate to visit New York and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). I fell in love with art, but in particular, impressionistic paintings. At that time, I was also living in Laguna Beach, which is known for its proliferation of artists and art galleries. I worked at the Sawdust Festival for a couple of summers, met many artists, and began a small collection of paintings, which I have to this day.

I married Pete, an artist and musician. When we moved to Chula Vista, we joined an art group that was just forming, South Bayfront Artists. Pete joined as an artist and I joined initially as a supporter.  We still maintain our membership with SouthBayfront Artists and I am a member as an artist of photography.

My love of photography has grown and developed over the years. It seems like I’ve been photographing my experiences since I can remember.  I have always seen nature as the world’s greatest artist. I try to capture that in my photos, whether they be of a sunset, reflections in water, trees, birds, mountains or deserts! I hope that you can get a sense of what I feel when you look at my photos!!

Morro Bay by Ruthi Enyeart
Fountain by Ruthi Enyeart
Reflection by Ruthi Enyeart
Santee Lakes by Ruthi Enyeart

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