Nanette Oser Oselett

As a young child I learned to swim in Lake Erie and have been ocean lake and pool swimming ever since.  I was Certified for Open Water Scuba Diving in 2006 at La Jolla Shores and began my underwater photography while diving and snorkeling on Bonaire in 2014.

Water, light and energy inter-play in the space we refer to as the Pacific Ocean.  By moving and re-moving the original light; a new image appears which can pleasure your eye.

My introduction to Weak Generative Computer Art began in February 202o. At that time, I did not know the name or concept even existed. In an attempt to refine my underwater photos I started experimenting moving light and removing images via a liquify tool in the Affinity App and the Apple photo app.  In recent juried art shows my images have won multiple awards including Heart Attack, and one was selected as photo of the month for the art association.  

My website, is a blend of original photos and new images.

Hello by Nanette Oser Oselett
Heart Attack by Nanette Oser Oselett
Fall Colors by Nanette Oser Oselett
Tina by Nanette Oser Oselett

Contact the Artist

Nan is the author of the children’s picture book “AB Seas”.  Every letter has an underwater image of ocean life that she photographed at La Jolla Cove, California.


A B Seas: A Child’s Introduction to Underwater Photos