Leticia Fagg

Leticia Fagg is a creative traveler from Australia with an eye for the beauty around her.  She enjoys photographing her surroundings and putting thoughtful words to the images.  She captures the mood and the moment. 

She and her husband currently live aboard their sailboat Flapdoodle and are seasoned travelers.  Wherever she goes she has her camera ready to capture the most interesting detail in the mundane.

“As a Zen Artist I am using art to meditate upon the wonders of the world, through a variety of media including photography, rock art, mandalas, painting, drawing and doodling. The purpose is to bring joy to others by sharing and gifting the beauty that has been captured.”

“I use my photographs to convey messages and pass on love. Some of you may have been recipients of my heartfelt messages and gifts created with love. Indeed my blog site is a part of the mission to send love messages and gifts out to my friends and family.”

Centering by Leticia Fagg
Radiant by Leticia Fagg
Study in Yellow and Orange by Leticia Fagg
Water Lily by Laticia Fagg

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