South Bayfront Artists

Sunset on Bay


Hey there, art enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a group of talented and passionate artists to join, look no further than South Bayfront Artists! We love nothing more than to collaborate and create with people from all backgrounds and skill sets. From painters to photographers, sculptors to jewelry makers, we welcome all kinds of artists into our warm and inclusive community. So, if you’re ready to expand your creative horizons and be a part of something amazing, join us at South Bayfront Artists!  



Oil, Acrylic, Illustration, Pastel, Watercolor, Drawing, Charcoal

Photography/Digital Graphics

Original unaltered photos; digitally manipulated photos; digital graphics.

3D/ Mixed Media

Sculpture, Collage, Jewelry, Gourds, Weaving, Basketry, Woodworking,  and other crafts.